Podcast - Wachstum in Selbstorganisationen?

What does it mean to be an actress in our reality (Ensemble Labsa)?

It means: dealing with relationships, thinking about every person involved in our ensemble and everyone who works with us. It means: organisational, administrative work, curatorial, managerial work, billing, writing projects, their evaluation, theatre work, social work, PR, giving interviews, web site administration, writing texts, bookkeeping, dramaturgy, directing, sometimes supervising each other, costume sewing, making masks, puppets, music, scenography, films, photos, exhibitions, preparing conferences, meals, shopping, dealing with lights, technical problems. Ans also cleaning the floor and toilet, being guest on panels, inviting guests with workshops or performances, creating our festival, nurturing good relations with our neighbours, competing with others in fundraising, dealing with the situation when a project is rejected by the grantor - you have to recover for a few days - you never know why your project has been rejected, which is, in a sense, you - you try to understand why, you ask about it, but in response you hear: we are sorry, but it is too much effort to answer this question to everybody - so you've done a huge amount of work for free to make your theatre exist - your project gets rejected - and what happens next? - you start hunting for the next opportunity, looking for more grants.

Es sprechen: Emilia Hagelganz, Vite Joksaite, Zofia Bartoszwicz

Aufnahme, Schnitt & Komposition: Sascha Wundes

Sprache: Englisch und Deutsch

03.11.2022, Zofia Bartoszewicz
Foto: Gabi Lincan, Ciobana Trifan, Vite Joksaite, Zofia Bartoszewicz, Emilia Hagelganz